Version 3.2 erschienen

Version 3.2.0 (2020-02-12)

Commit Message Date
76ace2ea65 #1183 fix handle pos_number increase automatically 2020-02-12
ad3f879972 #1183 when order will added article pos should increment automatically 2020-02-12
c259b3af5e #1185 part delivery/billing information will reset when status is changing 2020-02-12
c2f4d8abe0 #1169 some changes for overview page after create status reader 2020-02-10
3771e1a62a #1165 add status action button to booking, notepad and inventory 2020-02-04
768e9f125b #1169 fix small issue when show message 2020-02-03
c6df237c28 #1169 show overview page when added anything in status entry progress 2020-02-03
8c4934f2cc #1169 fix issue show list status in status reader page 2020-01-17


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