Laboratory Management

Modern service management for the calibration laboratory

Looking for a flexible laboratory management system?

The calibration Server is a secure, scalable and cost-transparent solution for laboratory management that has been adapted to the needs of modern laboratory operations. The instrument management is responsive designed and therefore usable on any device. But the biggest advantage is the holistic approach of the application - EVERYTHING ON BOARD - and still flexibly adaptable, without installation and available as a cloud service from anywhere!

Lab management from anywhere

calServer has been optimized for the CLOUD and can also be operated 100% in the home office. Whether cell phone, tablet or PC - the application always automatically adapts optimally. Simply request your individual demo and test calServer free of charge for 30 days without obligation.

Your data remains in Germany!

Our goal is to make data protection secure, trustworthy and, last but not least, DSGVO-compliant. For this reason, we provide our software only on German servers certified according to ISO/IEC 27001.
All of our customers' data stored in calServer is stored exclusively on servers in Germany.

We have been certified for compliance and received the seal of approval "Software Hosted in Germany".

Convince yourself of calServer!
Device management, as easy as Microsoft Excel

Inventory, customer and calibration management

As a test equipment management system, calServer offers everything you need for efficient laboratory management. Manage calibrations, repairs, loans with a single, powerful system. 

  • Look and feel of table editing
  • Variable, flexible column selection
  • Integrated document links (e.g. for manuals, test processes etc.)
  • Customizable status control for more overview
  • automatic status change after process step

Call-off lists for your customers

Report and email management with automatic logic

E-mail lists containing devices pending for calibration or devices that have expired. Any intervals can be stored.

  • Automatic mail dispatch of the call-off lists
  • Individual multilingual mail letters
  • Any mail server configurable
  • Extended report editor also for mail
  • Arbitrary sending intervals possible
  • Logic to avoid unnecessary messages

File documents easily and securely

Document management for worldwide access

Simply save the documents as before - the assignment is based on the file name

  • Automatic versioning of documents
  • Scanning from cell phone or tablet camera
  • Automatic linking of documents
  • Logical folders for automatic assignment
  • Scan existing documents in seconds
  • No need to change workflows

from the offer to the invoice

Order management

From quotation to invoice, everything in one process. Fast status changes allow you to map the workflow of your laboratory. Your complete order process is displayed and supported. Measuring device management for the future!

  • predefined basic document for offer, order, delivery bill and invoice
  • price groups and price tables per type
  • partial deliveries and invoices
  • Collective invoices
Manage risks and opportunities in the system

integrated ticket system

ISO 17025 requires laboratories to analyze the opportunities and risks for the laboratory. Calserver offers the possibility of direct error reporting on devices or documents via a ticket system.

  • automatic mail notifications
  • configurable risk management
  • start center modules for quick overview
  • all communication in one place
  • messages to devices on the mobile device

Allocation of loaner equipment

Loan Management

Calendar module for quick reservation of devices from a previously defined loan pool. Due to the possibility of configuring accessory devices, measuring cases, test stands etc. can also be easily assembled as modules.

  • modern calendar design
  • drag and drop bookings
  • Email messages for each change
  • delivery bills per email attachment

Permissions in groups and roles

User management for control

Laboratory employee, customer or person responsible for test equipment - quick adjustment of required authorizations

  • User registration individually customizable
  • Users with any number of customer accounts
  • Precisely configurable rights system
  • Uncomplicated fast administration
  • Allow status editing by role
  • Groups for same e-mail notifications
Simple handling

Responsive designed

Our solution for calibration management is characterized by its ease of use. For the user, the administration and coordination of all inventories and customer processes is particularly clear. However, the controllability down to the smallest detail is not lost.

  • user configurable start center
  • configurable table views
  • one version of the website for all devices
  • less maintenance, because only one version
  • 100% multilingual - 100% responsive design

Quickly ready for use and extremely flexible

Installation not required

Setting up a customer management system usually takes a lot of time. calServer, on the other hand, is guaranteed to be implemented within the shortest possible time and fully operational for you from day one. Adaptations are possible quickly and flexibly.

  • Modern container-based architecture
  • updates in seconds
  • custom configurations are preserved
  • distributed application for perfect scalability

Operating modes of the calServer

As flexible as the software is, so are the subscription options. The easiest way to use calServer is as a cost-effective "calServer Cloud". This gives you a managed server with the modules of calServer you have booked. If you prefer to run the software within your existing IT infrastructure, we offer you an alternative with "calServer Enterprise".


  • Maximum availability also for customers
  • Always up-to-date and perfectly administered
  • Easily expandable and configurable at favorable conditions
Your calServer is hosted in a German high-security data center and is managed around the clock by professionals. This gives you secure, worldwide access to your data at all times! Plus easy-to-book document storage makes you independent of hardware. The direct access of calHelp IT provides support directly and without detours. A respective contingent of monthly hours for configuration and especially favorable developer prices for your customizations are part of the solution.


  • Hosting in the internal IT infrastructure
  • direct integration of additional databases and own network storage
  • security of an open source license is required

    Of course, calServer can also be operated completely internally. We will be happy to advise you on our offers for cloud and enterprise or even enterprise cloud. Perhaps it is also a variant to start with a managed cloud. If you are not satisfied, simply switch to self-hosting with the ENTERPRISE variant. Of course, we take care of maintenance for our customers and are happy to help with hardware selection, installation and maintenance. This variant is suitable for internal laboratories for the integration of Fluke MET/TEAM or Fluke MET/CAL.

*When self-hosting: The calServer system is developed container-based. Due to the large number of functions, such as document management, email management, Sybase synchronization, MSSQL synchronization, ticket management, report engine, ..... This is the only way to seriously host software with this level of functionality as a web service. If the server(at best a Linux system) is powerful enough, the Sybase and the MET/TEAM or MET/CONNECT database can also be hosted. For both, executable, very stable Docker containers exist, in use for years. For hosting, a cloud-capable server with docker and docker-compose must be available (other container systems such as Kubernetes on request).

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