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Version 3.1 erschienen

Version 3.1.0 (2020-01-13)

Commit Message Date
446d01f860 #1158 add status table to ticket details 2020-01-13
2b8c404870 #976 fix filter C2303 last calibration date in grid to last month 2020-01-10
0d0753de4f #976 revert of fix filter C2303 2020-01-09
a8041a5528 #1149 fix sort asc for list releases 2020-01-09
93061985a1 #976 fix filter C2303 last calibration date in grid to last month 2020-01-09
405007eebc #1176 status cron has stopped working 2020-01-09
4745c393ad #1168 fix issue PickDatabase field can't type anything when data is empty 2020-01-09
226f1e3d86 #1172 fix small issue for UI 2020-01-09
d8812145d4 #1172 new status report is not working 2020-01-09
9e5d0a9dae #1168 fix customer cannot see combo entries in new inventory 2020-01-08
a5a560be43 #1174 issue after update with booking complexity 2020-01-08
537fc9431e #1173 field management default variables complete wrong 2020-01-08
b69cb3efd7 add section commands in readme 2020-01-07
defcf8be2a #1169 fix checking show new inventory block 2020-01-07
5dcaafed64 #1169 check status entry mask and add operations for it 2020-01-07
70f1e720f5 #1170 delete status as admin not possible 2020-01-07
24e59e0f89 #1164 fix run copy to local command 2020-01-07
548c50fbb7 #1164 upload pdf template for reports is not running 2020-01-07
347171d31e #1168 fields in status entry will wrong shown 2020-01-07
866ffb26d4 #1166 after clean double certificate directories calibration view has error 2020-01-07
a7b0632ef5 #1167 add new inventory in statuslist is not more working 2020-01-07
321348cec3 #1157 add last modified user to ticket grid/table 2020-01-06
0d94daff34 #1162 fix article type on filter 2020-01-06
9bd5b0dffd #1162 part delivery and part billing grid is not filtered 2020-01-06
824999a392 #1160 order reports at customer does not working 2020-01-06
e6b0bd26a9 add --remove-orphans to deploy for easier deployment component change 2020-01-02
54a244b7ba correct pipeline for forcelab release 2020-01-01
c15cc57a0a #1156 add status action button to tickets 2019-12-30
44a654bb91 #1155 info on role cannot disabled 2019-12-18
b2136f22dd #1154 error message whe ticket will create with limited user 2019-12-18


bisher erschienene Fixes:


enthält ebenfalls:


Version 3.1.2 (2020-01-17)

Commit Message Date
8c9354403f #1180 fix issue duplicate entry an ticket management 2020-01-17

Version 3.1.1 (2020-01-16)



Commit Message Date
0d56a0cf1e #1177 show error details when import language 2020-01-16
9b1c5a9c37 #1161 add new button copy reports for admin 2020-01-16
9f3b545274 #1107 fix css for small issue 2020-01-15
2cad0f8c9b #1107 add new increment variable for each status 2020-01-15
734bfd49ec #1158 fix view ticket when project is empty

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