As a company, you depend on IT systems that are available around the clock and function smoothly. We support you with our managed service offerings, additional support, development or training to successfully master daily challenges in the operation of your solutions.

Cloud or local

When it comes to the type of storage, a basic distinction is made between on-premises, i.e. in your own local infrastructure, and cloud. If you prefer to run the applications locally on your own server, you should opt for an enterprise solution of calServer. If you prefer to have the server managed and maintained externally, the CLOUD option gives you maximum flexibility. When choosing between the two options, you should think carefully about the purchase, licenses, storage space, updates and data protection. In the case of local operation, high costs must be taken into account, especially at the beginning, during implementation and planning with the company's own IT, as well as ongoing costs for maintenance. Resources and personnel must be planned for operation and responsibility must be taken for updates and data protection. With the cloud solution, on the other hand, costs remain constant due to the rental model and requirements can be individually adapted. As your calServer partner, calHelp takes care of all tasks relating to the IT infrastructure and no time needs to be scheduled for this. Updates are also initiated automatically and a high level of security is guaranteed when storing the data in Germany.

the most important differences summarized:


  • Low costs with the start of cloud usage
  • Lower costs by using the server structure of the cloud provider 
  • Automatic updates & constant maintenance 
  • Simple cost structure per module or per platform in the rental model
  • Easy expandability through subsequent booking of document storage


  • High costs for server and setup at    the beginning of use
  • Server maintenance by internal or    external service providers necessary
  • No automatic updates and upgrades without maintenance contract
  • Only per platform(server) licensing possible
  • Additional document storage requires new hardware

Comparison criteria

We have tried to summarize the most significant differences according to the most important comparison criteria. Both variants of operation have advantages and limitations. However, with calServer you can switch between both scenarios at any time.

  • Acquisition


    • all components directly available
    • Total fees in the rental model


    • High cost hardware, software(operating system), infrastructure
    • Operation and maintenance necessary
  • Licenses


    • Licenses for complete package bookable as required
    • Rental prices according to modules and document storage


    • only possible as license with fixed maintenance contract
    • License per site(server) necessary

  • Storage space


    • Storage space bookable according to demand
    • Rental price will be adjusted accordingly


    • only possible as license with fixed maintenance contract
    • hardware purchase may be necessary
  • Updates


    • automatic current
    • also includes structural adjustments


    • according to agreed time intervals
    • by own IT or as part of the maintenance contract

  • Datenschutz


    • high security of the hoster
    • Data center in Germany


    • own responsibility and control
    • through own IT

calServer license models

Ziel einer Cloudanwendung ist es best möglich verfügbar zu sein. In der heutigen Zeit sollte es möglich sein ein auf ein Asset Mangement wie calServer von überall zugreifen zu können.

calServer CLOUD

    With calServer CLOUD we offer our customers an independent server, hosted in Germany. Licensing of the software is not necessary. We offer calServer as a rental model (subscription) according to modules.  At the moment we rent calServer CLOUD in 2 variants:
    1. calServer CLOUD Standard (the most important modules and 100GB document storage)
    2. calServer CLOUD Max(all available modules and 500GB document storage in basic package)

    Document storage can be added individually as needed at any time.

    calServer ENTERPRISE

    Not every company can or wants to outsource its IT services. Many modern companies already have the options to manage cloud services internally through their own IT. It is also conceivable that calHelp is commissioned as a service provider as part of the company's digital transformation in order to implement a cloud server in the existing infrastructure. For this, we offer the option of open source licensing of calServer in conjunction with a maintenance contract. We call this variant calServer ENTERPRISE and it is of course also possible on a cloud server rented from us, as calServer CLOUD ENTERPRISE. This allows the customer to access the current source independently during the term of the maintenance contract and thus also the current updates that are imported as part of the maintenance contract.  


    Various details regarding cooperation can be anchored in the maintenance contract. A maintenance contract is only mandatory for calServer ENTERPRISE customers. In all CLOUD products, it is not necessary to conclude a maintenance contract, but details such as fixed quotas of monthly available support can still be agreed. Available support hours are simply booked directly in the calendar as required.

    • Remote hours

      Whether instruction, service setup or server maintenance. We make no difference here and make it especially easy for our customers. In our appointment calendar, the times can be selected and agreed directly. Depending on the contingent, which is at least one hour per month, our customers receive uncomplicated support for all calServer questions.
    • Updates & Development

      In consultation with our customers, we perform the updates of calServer. Furthermore, the maintenance contract includes the right to discounted developer hours. Any possible improvement, up to completely new ideas, can thus be quickly and stably integrated into the system at discounted conditions.
    • MET/CAL Support

      One of the most important plugins of the last years is the fully automatic bidirectional FLUKE MET/CAL synchronization of the calServer. The system is very complex and when synchronizing several databases in real time, support for the system is indispensable to ensure productive operation in the laboratory. If this system is used, we are happy to provide support for the calServer component and of course for the Sybase ASA database of the METBASE system itself.

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