We are proud of the high number of functions of calServer, although we know that often high amount of unused functions is not a real advantage. The important thing is to find functions that you absolutely need for your daily work! calServer functions can be configured flexibly according to roles or groups. So every user sees only what he really needs. Functions that are not needed are simply hidden. 

How calServer simplifies your daily routine in the calibration lab

Manage inventories and calibration intervals automatically

With our flexible status system you can keep track, create statistics and automate your call-off strategy for due and expired calibrations in different call-off levels for perfect quality management.

Digitize calibration certificates easily

The document name and database field are found automatically and thus help to avoid burdening the workday with additional tasks, such as uploading calibration certificates and assigning them to the test instrument. Simply save and calServer will do the rest.

Email calls perfectly organized

Once set up, the integrated email management does the rest. The automatically set staties and expiration intervals decide when who gets a retrieval email for their measuring equipment or not.

Other useful functions

holistic device management

Laboratory management as a complete solution

In many companies most of the working time is not spent on technical processes, but on activities around information gathering, internal coordination with other employees and communication with business partners and colleagues. calServer supports you in this and provides the groupware functionalities. Group devices to types and contacts to customers. Link both and create tasks and messages, always with the possibility to assign data automatically.

Calibration and repair management

Notify automatically

Delivering the right call-off lists to your customers or supervisors takes time with no actual benefit. Automate this task in calServer and create group or role based call-off lists in different reminder levels in fully configurable intervals. For each of the lists, modern email templates can be configured that allow personalized addresses through system variables.

Detailansicht Arbeitsauftrag

Order processing

Workflows that do the work for you

Quotation > Order > Delivery > Invoice for the order module or Ready for use > Calibration planning > in-lab > Defect in device management - Each module of the application gets its own staties. This not only keeps the overview clearly arranged in terms of color. A status in our system can also perform automatic tasks. Example: IF device is in status Operational and calibration 30 days before expiration SET status to Calibration planning. Tasks can also vary by status. Partial invoices are enabled in the Invoice status.

loan retention

save only - do not sort

Reserve devices shared by category easily via a calendar. Move, clearly sort and adjust rental or location information directly in the calendar. Everything intuitively as you are used to from other calendar modules.


Wiki for the management manual

Part of the system is a very extensive WIKI system, with which documentations of all kinds can be written, also in connection with attached documents. Here, every change is recorded and can be viewed later. Also the linked documents are again fully integrated into the Versioned Document System.

File Management

save only - do not sort

The flexible file management system with automatic versioning, release management with PDF-A and digital signature offers perfect handling. Simply save or file the files correctly named in the inbox folder - DONE! Sorting and thousands of clicks are a thing of the past. The module also sorts thousands of old calibration certificates automatically. Just configure your storage standard as a pattern and you're ready to go!

Notifications according to 17025

Opportunities and risks as customer communication

What software developers have been practicing for years can of course also be integrated in the lab. The customer reports his error via an integrated ticket management and the chain begins. Everything in its place, available to the device and with integrated simple risk assessment. Of course, everything is configurable.

state of the art cloud environment

Information for IT

Since version 3 of calServer, we have relied entirely on Docker integrated services. With the help of this container technology, complex applications can be packed into compact, immediately executable applications. Docker now even works on any modern Windows PC. However, the system shows its great strength on an internal/external cloud server. Non-stop updates, load control, web, database and file services with one click ... all possibilities that were hardly conceivable in laboratory applications just a short time ago.

Container based

A set of different logical containers distributes the application into services. Containers are the simplest way to deliver stable software products without dependencies. We have been working with this technology for years when delivering our products. We would be happy to advise you on this.

Windows compatible

On modern Windows systems, Docker containers can be deployed in minutes with Docker Desktop. Likewise, operation with Microsoft AZURE is possible, which all modern Microsoft server systems support.

Service separation

Any standalone configuration is defined in a simple configuration file. Adaptations to local conditions become child's play here. With Cloud we isolate services for security, with Enterprise your IT can easily configure this.

automatic backup

Files like documents or the automatically configured backups of the database are disconnected from the application. Restarting the application is equivalent to reinstalling it and takes only seconds (shown in the video above). By the way, the update and installation works just as fast.

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